Best Yoga Mat Choices For 2016


A yoga mat is the only element you require to practice Yoga. There are thin and thick mats available on the market. The thin mat can easily slide you and you can easily get distracted from the practice. Also, the thin mats can give you knee pain in a very short time.

Are you looking for the yoga mat to begin your yoga practice? Then you can check in online as best yoga mat 9900 and pick the best mat. Yoga is a powerful tool that helps to get good physical, emotional and mental health. It offers you several benefits. You can check the website to know the complete advantages of yoga.

Are you a person who perform yoga on the travel way? Then you must choose lightweight yoga mat that is very easy to travel and portable mat. Jade’s new yoga mat takes only a little space in your travel suitcase like a pair of jeans and the weight of the mat is only 1.7 pounds. The Ultralight, a Yoga mat is also a good option which comes with an in-built handle for transporting it easily for any far-away locations.

There are some mats that follow unique pattern such as a fine graphic that helps the new yoga practitioners properly place the food and hand. You can choose earth-friendly mats that are recyclable after use.

Jade Harmony model is excellent sticky mat and you have the option to a different level of thickness and available in attractive colors and you can pick your favorite color. All the Jade mats have sticky feature and it is good to choose a sticky mat rather than a sliding mat that slides your feet and hand over the mat.

Do you want a yoga mat that has complete artworks and scores your compliments every time you use the mat? Sophie Leininger, California-based hand-paints artist prints beautiful designs on the Yoga mat.

Manduka Black Mat PRO and PROlite is the most preferred mat of the Yoga teachers. These are the sticky mats and provide a greater level of cushioning. It lasts for a long time even though you don’t have a life-long guarantee.

BareFoot Yoga Co.’s Original Eco-friendly Jute Yoga mat is manufactured from natural rubber and hessian. The raw materials used in the manufacturing process are taken from Jute fiber. This creates it a sustainable mat on the market. It is one of the sticky mats among various options.
Yoga design lab’s attractive Combo mat contains a suedelike towel pattern on the top that absorbs sweat and prevents you from slipping when the hot Yoga class becomes steamy.

PrAna’s Large E.C.O. Yoga Mat is liberal in size with 30 inches wide and 76 inches long. It is the right option for tall yogis or you can simply spread out the mattress for Savasana. Are you searching a lightweight yoga mat to carry to your yoga class on a bike or public transportation or foot? Wai Lana’s Yogi Mat is the light mat like a feather and it is a portable one.

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