Does Your Shop Need Mystery Shopping Services?

personal-shopperThis is the time for competition, make no mistake about that. The focus today lies in which business can take the heat, and those that can’t, will be beat! So, when a business concern sees a dip in sales, it’s high time to analyze the causes of that downfall. This is where the well-known and much-appreciated services of Shoppers’ Critique Services come to play! These services are crucial in determining the reasons behind the loss in sales.

Today many businesses have availed the services of mystery shopping companies and have been able to rectify their faulty marketing strategies, according to the reliable sources at the website With so many businesses going defunct over the years, the prevalence of mystery shopping is but a natural course of action.

This said, the question must be asked- Is Mystery Shopping really good for business? Or, is it just an additional expense and yet another way to spy on unsuspecting employees? Many are calling it an invasion of privacy and breach of trust.

Experts in the field of business analysis beg to differ. Mystery Shopping, they say, is a novel approach to analyze the customer-store relationship. Analysts agree, as do seasoned businessmen, that a dip in sales could be due to adverse customer relationships. Brand loyalty, as everyone knows, cannot be made in a day. But, it can be destroyed within minutes.

Imagine a situation, where the customer is treated poorly by the employees. Or, the hapless customer is subjected to products and services that are way below the accepted standards. In these cases, will it be reasonable to expect the customer to return to the shop in the future? No customer will be expected to bring their business back to a shop where they felt a high degree of dissatisfaction. And, nine out of ten cases, the top levels of management will not be able to ascertain the reason behind the loss of a business customer.

Mystery Shopping is one of the best ways for the top levels of management to find the root cause of the dip in sales.

For those of you who are slightly new to the concept, let us have a slight recap. A mystery shopper is an individual entrusted with the job of posing as a legitimate customer. The job entails making a visit to the store that has temporarily hired his/her services. Once there, a mystery shopper is required to behave exactly as a regular customer would. The idea is to gauge the level of services being offered, the quality of products as well as the general customer relations practices that are being adopted by the store’s employees.

At the end of the covert inspection, the mystery shopper submits his/her report to the person who hired him/her. The report will be used by the store’s top administration to review its sales policies and customer services.

There is no doubt that the practice of Mystery Shopping has now proved to be a crucial part of business analysis.

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